FCS Services Limited – 20 years in the making.


Firstly let me thank you for taking the time to open up this blog post, hopefully the first of many.


Now let me tell you a little about FCS Services ltd and the idea behind its inception. Having spent 20 years working my way up through the electrical industry I have taken insights along the way, things I believe were done wrong, things I think could be done better.

Over the last 3 years I have been searching for a role that would allow me to express my thoughts and work to the values I believe in. Finally I decided the only way this would ever happen was if I took the huge step of building my own small local business.

So here we are, 2017 and I have taken the leap. I have put together the foundations of a small local business which aims to work for its customers. Everything we do will be judged against the values set for the business which are Quality | Integrity | Value.

The aim for FCS Services is to start small, but with big ambition. Hopefully to connect with customers who are diligent and understand the value in having a safe and compliant facility. The backbone of our work will be Electrical fixed wire testing, Electrical compliance, Electrical maintenance and Electrical installation. But the dream is bigger, we aim to build a local supply chain of trade partners with similar values and offer a range of facilities management services under the one umbrella.

That’s a little on who we are, what we are and where we want to go. Hopefully the next 20 years can be as exciting and rewarding as the 20 that got us to this point.

Thank you for reading, and watch out for more blogs, news and posts as we build FCS Services ltd.