Emergency Lighting Part 2: What’s the use?

So whats the use? Part 2 of my emergency lighting series and this time I want to discuss the use of emergency lighting. I used an analogy on linkedin this week which I think sums it up quite well. I likened emergency lighting to a life jacket on an...

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Emergency lighting Part 1: Duty of care

Emergency lighting & duty of care Some of you may have seen my recent video on social media about emergency lighting, in it i said i would be posting soon about emergency lighting. I’ve tried to condense my thoughts but cant so i’m going to do a little series...

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Back with the old school

North West Campus – Dumfries You may have seen from our recent social media that we have been involved in a project overseas. We were asked to carryout the initial verification and certification of North West Campus Dumfries for JBE ME of Ballymena. If you read our ‘About-us’ page...

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What is Electrical Compliance?

What is compliance? So, the core services FCS (Facilities Compliance Services ) offer relate to Electrical compliance. But what is compliance, and why should you be bothered about it? There are 3 tiers of legislation that relate to directly to this, the first of which is, The Health &...

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Onward and Upward for FCS Services Ltd

As of the time of writing this article FCS Services Ltd have been trading for only 7 months, but in this time we have manged to achieve multiple accreditation’s. And we are aiming for more. Accreditation’s we believe are a sign that we are aiming high, we want to...

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20 years in the making

FCS Services Limited – 20 years in the making.   Firstly let me thank you for taking the time to open up this blog post, hopefully the first of many.   Now let me tell you a little about FCS Services ltd and the idea behind its inception. Having...

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