So whats the use?

Part 2 of my emergency lighting series and this time I want to discuss the use of emergency lighting.

I used an analogy on linkedin this week which I think sums it up quite well. I likened emergency lighting to a life jacket on an aeroplane, you know its there in the event of an emergency and you hope and pray that it works when needed.

But would you be annoyed if the airline hadn’t kept up a maintenance regime to ensure your safety? OF COURSE YOU WOULD.

Whats missing here?


Emergency lighting is a life safety system. The only reason it is installed in our buildings is to ensure safe passage in an emergency situation. So why do many overlook it?

My belief based on my findings at the coal face of compliance is a lack of knowledge on duty holder/managers parts. But I am not blaming these people alone. A lack of knowledge also exists in my trade sadly, with the term electrician being watered down more and more.

I have heard stories of PAT engineers, Fire extinguisher maintenance technicians and a whole ream of other people verifying emergency lighting systems. Are they skilled and competent to do so? Well that’s up to the duty holder to ensure.

If I wanted my life jacket maintained, id make pretty damn sure I had a skilled and competent person doing so.